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Strategic human resources

Throughout the process of our establishment and development, the viewpoints of "People are invaluable assets" is always the basis for our company to set strategic policies, make the right solutions and have break-through steps to build quality human resources for each phase, each labor trade to meet current and long term requirements.

Accordingly, under the close leadership and guidance from our management, the development of human resources is always an important goal of Betrimex. The Company has implemented the construction and application of the procedures and rules of employment, labor quality assessment, describing the functions and tasks for each position; actively collaborate with prestigious centers for training human resources. Our management particularly focuses on the introduction of appropriate remuneration policies to attract quality labor force and the leading experts to work at the Company according to our core values of "Heart - Ability – Talent.”

Training policy

With the motto for accompanying the career of our employees, the company has always focused on training to improve quality - ability for existing employees, help them increase their confidence in themselves as well as in company, so that they have voluntarily commitment to work in long-term for the company. Following the search and detect potential workforce, the Company has implemented several training programs in order to improve the knowledge and skills needed and enough for potential human resource sufficient to inherit the management position in future. This activity helps company active in planning human resources and creating opportunities for promotion for our employees

Remuneration policy

In the Company, our employees will be entitled to have income in commensurate with their working capacity, the efforts and contributions. The company aims to build a regime of competitive salary, bonus and benefits to keep and attract top talent personnel. The salary adjustment by the Company reviewed annually and on case basis depending on job performance, achievements and contributions of employees and the results of business and production activities of the Company. The reward seniority of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years ... is also our annual traditional activities, bearing boldly our company culture – culture of loyalty to the organization. The view of human resource strategy of the company is that the recruitment and appointment are for right capacity and right position and remuneration is right for job performance and contributions.

Regarding welfare, the Company organizes annual vacation, periodical medical examination, the insurance schemes for employees, the policies of visit for personal events and other life events of employees such as: marriage, maternity, birthday, sick, ... The company focuses on maintaining and always constantly improving the remuneration policies to provide employees a comfortable and solidarity working environment.

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