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Coming to Da Lat dreaming, you will admire the interesting sights that have already come, then the beauty of the scenery here keeps you from wanting to leave.


Langbiang mountain is located in Lac Duong district. This is the highest mountain in Dalat. It attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to picnic as well as explore and conquer the height. There are many ways to conquer the peaks in the Langbiang mountain range such as taking a jeep, walking along the asphalt. This place has 2 mountains that are named by Nui Ong and Nui Ba. When coming here, tourists can admire the majestic scenery of Langbiang plateau. The romantic beauty in the mist of the whole city, participating in unique sports activities such as rope climbing, paragliding.


Located about 5km from the center of Dalat City to the North. Valley of Love is not just a romantic destination for couples traveling. It also attracts all visitors by charming scenery, charming mountains. That is where the Da Thien dam has gathered small streams flowing from high hills to Da Thien lake, which curls itself around a valley of green pine trees.

The winding red dirt roads can take guests to the hills or lead the temple to the top of Langbian Mountain in the clouds. The resort has now become more attractive than ever. As one of the places to visit, picnic, entertainment indispensable in the tour program of customers and visitors from all over the country to the dream city of Dalat.



One of the most famous tourist destinations in Dalat is Mong Mo Hill. It has poetic and green landscapes. Creating a beautiful and gentle picture that contributes to the highlight of Dalat tourism that anyone coming here will be uneasy and bewildered.

4km from the center of Dalat City to the North. Mong Mo Hill - an ideal destination that travelers coming to Dalat probably never miss. From old people to young people, or couples in love until newlyweds, ... All visit, follow the path leading here.


Da Lat Market is the biggest commercial center of the city with fog of trading and trading activities bustling from early morning until late night. In addition to providing essential goods for people here also provides agricultural products. The rare specialties of this land come to tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Dalat.

Da Lat was blessed with a mild climate, so it planted a lot of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, artichoke cotton, umbrella, and spinach. These clean vegetables are still brought to neighboring provinces and exported to foreign countries. Dalat Market with its own characteristics of the mountainous town has a strange attraction. Coming here, tourists not only have the opportunity to buy specialties in Dalat but also admire and learn about the most unique architectural works in this city.


Coming to Da Lat, visitors cannot ignore the pure beauty of Truc Lam Dalat Monastery with unique architecture and beautiful natural scenery. Truc Lam Dalat Monastery is located 5 km from the city center. So it is very convenient for visitors to visit the beautiful scenery and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here. Located in a very beautiful position, right on Phuong Hoang mountain with Tuyen Lam lake right next to it. All create a landscape picture where the monastery is extremely romantic and peaceful.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Da Lat has both beautiful natural scenery as an attractive tourist destination and a peaceful atmosphere of the spiritual world. In the modern rhythm of life, whirling with frivolous material values, it is the moments of retreat at Truc Lam Dalat Monastery that will help your soul be peaceful, to calmly find the direction for life. .


Linh Phuoc Pagoda - the most unique pagoda in Da Lat attracts many visitors by the sophisticated but simple beauty. Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located at 120 Tu Phuoc. Located in Trai Mat, 8km from the center of Dalat city, on Highway 20. The unique beauty of Linh Phuoc pagoda is a unique and strange architectural style, decorated whole with batches of cherries. bottles. The pagoda has a 7-storey tower, which is 37m high and is said to be the tallest of the temples in Dalat. This tower is located in front of Long Hoa Vien, where large Buddha statues are located.



Da Lat is famous for many beautiful and majestic waterfalls such as Elephant Falls, Bobla waterfall, ... Of which, it is impossible not to mention the charming beauty of Dantala waterfall in Dalat. One of the waterfalls attracts many other tourists to visit.

Located on Prenn Pass, about 7km from Dalat. Datanla Waterfall is considered as one of the attractive tourist destinations for visitors to the flower city. Because of the charming wild charm of nature and scenery here.

Datanla Waterfall has abundant water because the upstream is a stable source of water. Not noisy due to flow through many stone shelves. Waterfall from rapids of 20m high, stream water in the lower part forming a very clear water area should be called Suoi Tien. The abyss deep above has a deep pool called the Death Zone. Thanks to this waterfall, an army stood and preserved the forces.


Lam Vien Square is located in the "heart" of the flower city. Overlooking Ho Xuan Huong Lake with a total area of up to 72,000 m2. Not only brings a large, cool space. With many recreational activities that Lam Vien Square. Also impressed with the huge work of art with the block of hollyhock flowers and the bud of flower buds designed with fancy stained glass.

Wildflowers flower is over 18m high, an area of 1,200 m2. Inside is the same performing arts with 1,500 seats. According to the design of yellow petals will hug along the curved roof. The pistil design is tilted so that people can easily look at it when it comes to wild sunflowers.

Lam Vien Square is a stop not to be missed in Dalat trip of every tourist. Come to Dalat for a day to admire the real-life beauty of Lam Vien square to capture beautiful photos of tourists. See you again in Dalat in the near future.


Domaine de Marie Church is located on the hill of Mai Anh. It is a famous tourist destination for architecture and landscape of Da Lat. From the Church, visitors can zoom in many directions to see the fascinating beauty of the City of Fog.

This place was built in the style of classic European 17th century. With walls built of stone split to the window sill, architectural style of northern France.

The characteristic of Domaine de Marie church is the roofing system that looks like the empty roof of indigenous people. Another special image of the Domain de Marie church is the architecture without the bell tower like other churches. Because it is always swept with dark pink, it should be during dawn and dusk. Domain de Marie Church stands out and exudes the solemnity of a religious building.


The tea hill is located in Xuan Truong village. Is a beautiful natural scenery peaceful, gentle. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is mild and cool all year round. The green of the tea hills is mixed with the yellow of wildflowers each fall. Create an extremely impressive picture. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to see and enjoy the interesting feeling. The tea hill is located 25km from Dalat city, so you can easily move here.

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