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Minutes of peace at TTC Hotel - Da Lat

When the town was still noisy and bustling with the daily life rhythm, the bright summer sun shone still, Da Lat was always strangely peaceful in the mist spreading all over the way and the flowers also showed off their fragrance. All of these images are very familiar, but Da Lat is still a place that attracts many tourists looking for a peaceful and free summer day that is also very poetic and unforgettable.

Located at a prime location on the road leading to the city center of thousands of flowers, TTC Hotel Premium - Da Lat was built with international quality standards and 4-star services. 80 resort rooms are furnished with high quality furniture imported from many world famous brands.

Skyview Restaurant is beautifully decorated, luxurious and overlooking the city center will be a great choice for a romantic evening of couples. This is also a suitable space for family and friends to reunite. In addition, TTC Hotel Premium - Da Lat also has a Lotus conference hall equipped with modern sound and light system, along with many quality services that will be the ideal venue to organize events and conferences.

Guests can also enjoy a buffet on the first floor of the hotel with lots of attractive dishes. In particular, customers can not ignore high-class Kobe VN beef grilled on traditional charcoal.

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