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Return to Nha Trang to visit Son Island Diep Son Island is known as a tourist destination with beautiful beaches, attractive to tourists because of the clear green space, pristine and fresh landscapes, especially the road between the sea that appears when the water comes down. As one of the locations sought after 2016 and so far has not cooled down. Once you come here, you will find yourself great nature <3

About 60km from the center of Nha Trang city, Diep Son is an island with two seasons of water and the road between the sea is a special feature here. Because of the special and natural beauty, Diep Son was dubbed the Maldives of Vietnam.


Take a motorbike to the port, then take a train or canoe to get to the island. You go to google map, paste this coordinates in and out of the way 12.726124, 109.264352 Ships 150k / 1 person, cano 200k / 1 person, but must be enough new people to go. If you want a comfortable time and cheaper prices, you can take a local train. Renting a private boat, the price is very okie (we went 2 people 1 large train costs 300k for both the first leg and the return: 3) It takes 20 minutes. Her phone number is 0164.935.7179, she is super enthusiastic, so please ask them carefully! One small note is that before going, call Hai Hai to ask if the water will go up and down on time to have a path in the middle of the sea, if you miss it, it is a waste to move. The sea is blue and clear, the boat has to say because of its beauty. It is quite sunny outside at noon and before 4:00 pm, so be prepared with sunscreen, a hat and a shawl.


There is a small tourist resort on the island, selling all kinds of water and food. Drinking water is quite okie price. Water filter 12k, fresh water 15k, coconut 25k. However, at noon or in the evening, if you want to eat fresh and cheap seafood, keep going for a few dozen meters, there are quite good people. We went to Minh Tuan restaurant (there is a golden yellow sea with a proper name), bought a chicken to cook porridge and let the whole self cut the lemon salt dots 200k, snail 180k / 1kg, squid 200k / kg. Beer 15k / can or 12k / can depending on type.


The canoe rental area is reasonably priced at 400k 15 minutes, with a driver or you can drive yourself (he will only drive you), a canoe of 2 people. The day I went, there were 2 people who were going on canoes so fast, so I fell into the sea, so he launched a canoe to pull up, so you can rest assured that you can flow freely, wearing a life jacket should not worry! In addition, there are some tables and chairs for taking photos, and there are brushes along the sea, just like that, invisible. There is a hut in the middle of the sea, climbing up to see the sea is like long as the table. The day I went there was about 5 o'clock, there was a sea road, so I took a shot of all the water and then retreated on the road to the other island, and then took the next shot.

But this resort also understands, arranging a chair where the road cut between the sea to take pictures is beautiful <3

The water is clear but when the road is out, the sand is not very smooth so you can walk and massage your feet :)) One drawback is that the water here is not clean to bathe, because of mud :(

Playing until the evening, you can follow the people searching for crabs and catching snails very happily, that is the experience that you don't have to go anywhere ^ _ ^ The people here are super gentle and friendly. We were lucky enough to meet a little kid, so she became an HDV, introduced this and that, what the price was, then invited me to go for crabs and snails, too, so cute hehe


At night, you have 2 options: one is to stay in the people's house 50k / 1 person; The other is to rent a tent and sleep at the beach. Renting a tent also has 2 options: renting at the resort, plugged in fine sand and nice view at 200k / 1 tent for 2-3 people, renting a tent for the people at 80k the same tent, with blankets and mats. After we rented a tent, we brought people to the beach, and the view was beautiful but it was economical. At night, if you go to the east, sing karaoke and bonfire: 3

Bathing: go to the local people to bathe 10k / time. Electricity: Electricity is scarce here, because it's on the island. 6pm has electricity, 10pm is off, so if possible, bring a backup charger! In the morning, call Hai Hai to get the boat to pick, call 20 minutes in advance: 3

COST: 2 people from Nha Trang, the total damage is nearly 1 million after eating and drinking, everyone ^ _ ^ If you have any questions, just ask PM Tpage Hotel Premium fanpage - Michelia (link: https: // www .facebook.com/tchotelpremiummichelia /) will advise clearly <3

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