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White coat loves you to school

The open letter of the program "LOVE WHITE LOVE WITH YOU TO SCHOOL" was launched by TTC Group.

The new school year is approaching, it is not difficult for us to see the images of parents busy shopping for clothes and notebooks for their children to go to school. Children are eager to see teachers and friends again and get new clothes on the first day of school. However, not all children have a clean, pure white coat with their classmates. There are still a lot of miserable lives, young students with frayed, faded shirts in the new school year when their parents still struggle every day for a living ...

In order to contribute to creating a little happiness and more pure smiles for the children in the new school year, Thanh Thanh Cong Tourism Corporation called on all employees to join in the donation program "WHITE LOVE WHITE TRADE WITH YOU TO SCHOOL ”launched by TTC Group. The program was organized to share the burden of school with the children, and above all to bring humanity, sharing with the less fortunate lives.

Each of your contributions will be a source of motivation for them to confidently go to school and become useful citizens in the future.

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